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The purpose of Angel’s Eyes Sanctuary as a 501(c)(3) public charity is to rescue and provide protection and welfare to domestic animals, specializing in the vision and hearing impaired. The rescue is open to all animals in need with adoption possibilities available.



Angel's Story


Angel lived with us for 6 years before she passed away in 2020 at the age of 14, however I have known her since she was brought into Poulsbo Marina Veterinary Clinic where I was working. She was a 6-week-old puppy being checked to see if she had been born blind, and sadly this little girl had zero sight.  However, it was Angel’s lucky day because the clinic had one of the most incredible employees, Larry Caseria who came in every Sunday for 15 years to care for overnight patients and clean the clinic. Just like most employees who worked there, Larry had adopted many unwanted dogs and cats and now Angel was one of the lucky ones that Larry took home to love and care for.  I visited Larry at his home often as we shared a mutual love for horses and at one point, he had shown Quarter Horses against my dad.  Sadly in 2014 Larry passed away leaving behind many of his beloved adopted animals which his own family promptly took into their own homes. I contacted Larry’s daughters and let them know that Kenny and I could take one of Larry’s special needs dogs into our home. We were so happy that Angel came to live with us!   ​     


Angel was our first blind dog and she taught us so much! We instantly learned that in Angel’s mind she had NO special needs at all and could take care of herself and taught us that she was very independent. We learned to never move furniture, and to have no coffee table because when she jumped off the couch (her favorite napping spot) she would hit it. Our yards in Montana and Washington had to be completely fenced, and all cars needed to be parked in the same place every time. We put a textured rubber doormat at the top and bottom of our staircase coming off the porch so she could learn when she touched the mat that she needed to go up or down the stairs without falling or running into them. Other than these few changes living with Angel was no different than having a sighted dog.  Angel loved everyone she met, and everyone loved this happy little girl! Everyone was amazed at her ability to navigate with the cute little prance she did, and she loved going for walks and was fantastic on a leash. Angel loved running in circles both in the yard and in house, and once she made sure that she wasn’t going to run into something, and she established a safe circle she would run as fast as her little legs could go. (We have watched the same behavior in all our blind dogs). Angel was the reason that when Ray Ray needed a home, we both knew that we had the perfect home because Angel had paved the way. We were able to accommodate blind dogs, and that has grown into rescuing blind, deaf and other special needs furry family members.     


Angel is missed each and every day, but she will not be forgotten! 

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