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Benton is the poster child for having a life that can be really crappy and survive, but not just survive! Do it and come out HAPPY! Benton is the court jester of the entire family and amazes us each and every single day.

His start was tough! The most unimaginable things happened to Benton.  At just one month of age he was shot in the head and left blind and also was left with a shattered upper jaw. The place that rescued him is pretty sure he was shot by the young girl's boyfriend who brought him to the rescue.  Benton had both eyes removed and 3 surgeries on his upper jaw. He lost many teeth, with several teeth implanted back into his jaw.  But some of his jaw was shattered beyond repair and he lost a portion, which is why he has the crazy smile.

When the ad for Benton was posted in several medias throughout the entire state of Montana, four different friends sent us the same post and I walked the information in to show Kenny, and his first words were “Go get that dog”. After several days of filling out paperwork and reference checks, the rescue brought Benton for a home inspection from Great Falls and within minutes everyone knew that Benton was HOME!  Benton had not been off a leash EVER and the first thing I did was turn him lose in the yard and within 2 days he knew everything he needed to navigate around our large fenced in yard.  He is incredible!  So many have come to visit and are amazed at how he can go up and down the stairs, walk around the corner on the porch and go straight inside the door. Some have been at our home and I tell them he is blind, and 90% of the time people have said “he must see shapes” and then I point out to them he has no eyes. People are astonished!

Benton is always into something or getting himself into weird situations. He is a delight and always puts a smile on everyone's faces!


                                                                     He makes our heart sing.

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