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                   Chicken Wing

Chicken Wing obviously received his name from a very noticeable malformed front leg. Coming from Browning Montana on the Blackfoot reservation he had to really fight to say alive since  unwanted dogs is a huge situation there.  The rescue we went to was overrun with dogs at the time. Lea’ had 58 dogs running around her property and Chicken Wing was among them. I cannot imagine how he felt coming to Angel’s Eyes Sanctuary and having a meal every single day and being in a house, and in a real bed for the first time and experiencing unconditional love from all our dogs and from his new human family.  He and I had an instant relationship, just one of those bonds that no one can alter. I love how he looks at me like I’m flawless, and like I’m the best human ever to walk the earth. I know most dogs do this but some more than others!

Chicken Wing struggles from self-confidence but is gaining more daily.  It took him a while to understand that I could have the poop scooping fork in my hand and not have to run the other direction as fast as his three legs could go. He is one that you can’t raise your voice around or he runs the other way. Both of these things are very telling that he has had a pretty darn tough life.

Chicken is what we call him most of the time.  He has so much fun playing and running with all the dogs. He honestly shows us daily how much he loves his new life and being secure and knowing he is not going anywhere. 

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