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Clancy is half Husky and half Australian Shepard and has had a very tough start in life, 1 of 8 puppies he was orphaned at 3 days of age due to an infection that his mother had in her uterus, the family had to start bottle feeding all 8 puppies and caring for all their daily needs, sadly 2 of the 8 puppies did not survive. Upon opening of Clancy’s eyes, they could see that he had an issue and he did not have eyes inside of his sockets, but thankfully they continued caring for this sweet little guy for the next 7 months, but the owners found they just didn’t have the proper environment for the special needs of a blind dog.  We adopted Clancy on 2/15/23 and have been amazed and how smart, kind and able to adapt to our household that already has 12 dogs. He learned to navigate the yard with the help of Benton and Echo within 2 days, including finding the set of stairs to the porch and go up and down without even slowing down. Clancy will be getting his eyes sockets closed surgically and neutered and soon as he has a little more time to adjust to his new home, family and surroundings We are truly excited to be able watch this young guy flourish and enjoy life here at Angel’s Eyes Sanctuary.

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