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Dillon has been our most challenging rescue by far,  we saw her profile on Facebook and instantly  knew she needed us.  Dillon was located at Beaverhead Animal Shelter in Dillon Montana and after chatting with staff decided to do a meet and greet the following day.  Dillon is 95% deaf and at first we thought could only see shapes, but to our surprise her eyes is quite proficient seeing shapes and able to follow her fellow dogs, but not able to see the toy in front of her, we are guessing sees about 25%, on top of that she has SERVER anxiety and ADHD  even with her prescribed anxiety medication she would fixate at the ground and jump into the air and slam her face into the ground her poor little nose was covered with dirt with scabs, her other issue is when she would get into one of her ADHD episode her main reaction was to spin in circles as fast as she could go and couldn’t stop until she was touched to bring her out of this state, she could do this for hours if allowed.

My heart was breaking for her especially when thinking that when she was found on a backroad with nowhere to go, and knowing having one of her special needs would have been an issue all by itself.  Once we got her home, I did a lot of research on dogs with anxiety and ADHD and decide that CBD was our best path along with natural calming supplements.  It took about 3 weeks of trying to get the correct doses of each and I’m happy to tell you she is able to have and sustain a happy balanced life compared to the life that she was enduring.  Dillon can go outside and potty, play and find her way back to the porch without assistance anymore, her circling episodes are much shorter and she is able to get out of her episodes by herself, she no longer slams her face into the ground and is starting to play with the other dogs.

                                                                                 She is our little miracle.

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