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Dixon is another one of those stories where you can’t believe that people are so horrific.  We found Dixon through our friend Kate. We knew he was in bad shape and in a really bad situation but honestly was not expecting him to look like the mess we picked up.  Dixon had not been groomed and was stuck in a cage.  You couldn’t see his eyes, he was a solid mat and had been pooping and peeing inside the matted hair for so long that when he peed it had nowhere to go, and was flowing back up into his urethra, which caused a really bad urinary tract infection. The smell bringing him home was horrific, and we just kept telling him within a few hours I’d have him shaved and bathed.  The dog we picked up was unrecognizable as a toy poodle, we didn’t even take him in the house when we got home.


It took less than an hour and a half to have him shaved and done with his bath. He was so grateful to not have the discomfort of the matted hair and the sickening smell that he had been living with, the change in personality was instant and the little guy is my shadow. He is always on my lap or at least in the same room. We have an unbreakable bond.

Dixon loves to go for walks with the other dogs and runs like the speed of light. He is so bouncy that watching him makes you smile. He loves to play with Chicken Wing, but when Dixon is on my lap and another dog comes over, he has to growl to tell them to tell them that I’m HIS mommy. He is a little turd for sure!

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