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Echo came to us from the Blackfoot Indian reservation. The rescue coordinator, Jen had posted Chicken Wings' photo on her Washington Facebook page. The coordinator saw on someone else’s post they had mentioned that we specialize in vision and hearing impaired dogs, and she said that the Blackfoot rescue where I was going also had a deaf and blind puppy that had been hit by a car and found under a bus.  The local vet had said to euthanize her but Lea, the rescue coordinator refused but really didn’t know what to do with her. Happily we ended up bringing two dogs home that special day.


Echo actually does have good eyesight in one eye, but sadly is deaf.  Neither has slowed down this girl at all!  I can honestly say she has the biggest, sweetest, kindest heart of all our dogs! This girl is 100% love and it is impossible not to feel the same for her.  We are ever so grateful the rescue did not believe Echo should be euthanized! And so very grateful to have her with us!

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