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Gus was found in incredibly bad shape in the Tacoma area. He had been roaming in the rural area for 4-5 days before anyone could get ahold of him. Many people tried. A couple were walking their pup on their property one afternoon and saw Gus, he was making a hole in the dirt to hunker down in. It was a very hot day. The guy walked back to his house and got a leash and was able to get ahold of him. They happened to have a fenced yard and kennel to place him in. The next day he was then taken by his wonderful new foster family (Gina Davis) to a local veterinary hospital where they confirmed that Gus had been severely mistreated, totally blind and extremely thin, his scars till the story all by themselves, both of his front feet have scars around each of his ankles that actually indent into the bone, like they had wire wrapped around them for an extremely longtime. The veterinarian also said that he is much young then he looks guessing 3-4 years of age (stress will do that), and was sure that Gus spent a lot of time locked up in a cage, his scars on his nose indicates that he had been trying to escape, the cage did so much damage that his nose has no texture (smooth scar tissue) and easily bleeds. Gus will be neutered AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

Gus is yet another of our furry family including Chicken Wing, Clancy, Echo and Monkey that came from People for Animal Care and Kindness aka P.A.C.K. in Gig Harbor Washington and we are eternally thankful.


Gus has settled into our furry family much faster then expected and is enjoying the freedom of wondering our very large fenced in yard then coming in and out of the house whenever he feels like it, he figured out how to find our stairs to our porch, coming up and down just a few hours of arriving, not at easy first being totally blind.

Gus also has had zero issues with his 14 new brothers and sisters and I’m sure once he feels more at home and settles in, he will start to play and be the happy loving dog he is meant to be.  Gus is gaining weight and his face is losing the very sad and worried look, his entire body looking softer now that he is understanding that he doesn’t have to mistrust his humans. Gus is LOVED.

gus shortly after being found in foster home.jpg
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