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Monkey came to us with the name of Choco, he was originally rescued by a fellow rescue non-profit People for Animal Care and Kindness (P.A.C.K) out of Gig Harbor Washington. Monkey was found in a Burger King parking lot in Tacoma with drug paraphernalia all around him, he was unable to move or see and a good Samaritan picked him up and took him to a local veterinary hospital where he was diagnoses with either drug toxicity or head trauma he had horrible tremors and had no control of his normal body functions, he was scanned for a microchip, he did have and with that information learned his name was Choco and was 3 years old, the veterinary clinic was able to contact the owners listed and the said they had given him away and did not wish to be contacted again. (So many have failed this little guy).

Choco was on his way to a local shelter the following day when one of the technicians at the clinic contacted P.A.C.K. and they were willing to start with his medical care and trying to find a place for him to be fostered and/or find a forever home, not an easy task with all his issues.  Choco was started with steroids to try to get him a start to his slow recovery, slowly he showed small amount of improvement including his eyesight started to return which was great news. One of the technicians volunteered to foster Choco until a permanent home could be found. That is when Angel’s Eyes Sanctuary steps in and we are so incredibly happy that we did, we promptly changed his name to Monkey mainly because we wanted to erase all parts of his old life and start his new life with no reminders of how so many had let him down.  

Once Monkey go settled into his new life we started Monkey with many ways to get him stronger and get his body to try to help itself, got him a johnny jump-up so he could strengthen his legs, we have 3 processionals volunteering their time, so Monkey has been receiving Reiki, Chiropractic care and has been seen by a Naturopathic Dr..  With great happiness Monkey is getting stronger and stronger and is now using a wheelchair and able to move it under his own power can’t control his direction very well yet. and has gained his ability to go potty outside. He still has head tremors and cannot walk without falling over, but starting to get a few more step in before falling and this is so encouraging. Not a day goes by that we and not happy that he is part of our very large family.              

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