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 Norman’s story started out in a village in Alaska where he was tied to a tree for his own safety because he had a tendency to wander onto the road.  The villagers kept him fed and watered but no one wanted this sweet boy as their own.  When our ex-tenant Josie was working for the summer on her family’s fishing boat and came across the sweet boy, Josie instantly knew Norman had to come home with her! After getting all the legal paperwork, Norman started his life  with her in Washington.  Josie and Norman became our renters in our little studio apartment here in the Nine Mile Valley and very quickly Norman became part of our family.  Josie was working full time as a welder and going to university fulltime, so Norman spent most days playing with our dogs and going for runs with me while I go horseback riding. 


Eventually Josie moved to Missoula and took Norman with her and our hearts were so sad knowing the city life was not a good choice for him.  After six months of city life and Josie's hectic schedule she made a hard but selfless decision to let Norman come and permanently live with us.  He is happily chasing squirrels as we ride our horses.

                                                                Such a good and happy boy!

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