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                                                 Ray Ray

Ray Ray is just tons of WIGGLES, love and hope.  It is incredible how the universe takes care of us! 


I was working at the Bronc’s grocery store on a cold wintery day and a lady came in asking if we carried wood pellets and we did NOT but what I told her is if she was really in need that I lived up the Nine Mile Valley and that I had some there.  Her comment was that she needed them for litter for a puppy she had rescued. I mentioned that we also had dogs and had used pellets as litter too.  As always I started chatting and told her that we had a blind dog named ANGEL and how special she was, and the lady explained that the puppy she had rescued was a French Bull Dog who was white, blind and possibly deaf. Then I told her we also had a Frenchie named The Brick, and she said she wasn’t really sure what she was going to do with the little rascal. I promptly wrote down our phone number and gave it to her and let her know that we had experience with blind dogs and if he needed a home to give us a call. About a week later we received a call asking if we still wanted the blind and possible deaf puppy and of course we said yes and set up a pickup time the next day.


Ray Ray was so tiny and so sick that I wasn’t sure he would make it through the night and as soon as morning came we took LITTLE Ray Ray to the vet and he was LOADED with coccidia, which is a protozoa that attaches to the stomach wall and doesn’t let the nutrition from the food be absorbed, causes horrific diarrhea and is very transmittable to other dogs.  After treating him and all the other dogs, little Ray Ray thrived! 


He is NOT deaf and hears everything!  He has been a highlight in our lives since the first time we held him.  EVERYONE loves Ray Ray. Ray Ray never has a bad day and is the one that knows when you need that little bit more love!  Never does a day go by that he doesn’t make you smile and give you a chuckle.

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