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Willow was in an ad on Facebook. A message was sent to me by 2 different friends and my immediate answer was a huge NO. Our sweet little Angel had passed just the day before and with the emptiness and sorrow in our hearts, we were feeling like we were beyond repair.  However all-night long I honestly felt Angel saying “Why do you think you got that ad about the new dog the day after I passed? I sent her to you.”   


l woke up and immediately started researching how to do a meet and greet with this beautiful soul. By noon that day we were in Missoula meeting and greeting each other and she has been with us ever since.  Willow was very underweight but otherwise she was in good heath other then being 100% both deaf and blind.  Even at her young age Willow is and has always will be an old soul. We did find out by the weird color and almost transparent teeth that she is most likely a survivor of distemper and the high fever probably caused the blindness and deafness. 

Willow is the dog that you barely know is there, she loves her naps and her casual walks around the yard and doubly loves feeding time. She is so excited to play once a day that you have to be careful because she can easily knock you over with the short, but powerful burst of energy. She gets along with all the other dogs and loves playing with Benton the most.  Willow has a heart of gold and I THANK Angel for bringing her into our life.

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